Empowering youth affected by imprisonment through creative expression.

When you’ve been through the prison system, you need support to break the cycle of re-offending and process your feelings about the social justice system. Change The Story will offer young people (aged 14-25), the creative tools to share their story and engage in a social justice dialogue, while investing in themselves and their abilities.

The project will engage a group of 25-30 participants from some of the North East’s most deprived areas, who are at risk of offending or whose parents have been imprisoned, in digital storytelling workshops. Working in partnership with local youth groups, community filmmakers and support services we are developing a 10-month project that will allow young participants to engage in filmmaking practice, acquire new media production skills and improve their mental and social well being, through sharing their stories.

More than 200,000 young individuals in the UK are affected by parental imprisonment, leading to higher risk factors of anti-social behaviour, social exclusion and criminal activity. By “putting a face” to an issue that affects many young people, we intend to combat social stigma through creative production, reduce isolation and increase their emotional and social wellbeing. Project collaborators will be able to address important social challenges, while having a safe space to express their feelings and escape discrimination.

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