I Am Nasrine teacher’s pack and workshop programme is an educational tool raising awareness around multiculturalism, migration and community belonging.

The educational pack is aimed at Key Stage 4 pupils, designed to complement discussion around diversity and immigration issues. The course will involve the students watching the film and then engaging in activities together to learn more about the issues raised within it. A selection of tasks are designed to encourage open-minded attitudes towards people of different cultures, ethnicities, traditions, perspectives, and more. Utilising the film as a source for discussion and reflection, students will be guided throughout the journey of migration, allowing an insight into the reality of living one’s home and re-discovering one’s self in a new country.

“I Am Nasrine introduces a new way of looking at and understanding the issues of refugees and migration to the UK.There is so much material here for discussion in the classroom; it offers the chance for teachers and pupils to explore a range of important issues, all presented in the form of a highly professional and original film.” –Stephen Edwards, Director of Yarn School

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