Kooch Cinema Project 2

Community Media Project

(DVD, 9 short films, 2003)

Phase two of the community project where members authored individual film projects. The films cover a wide range of issues but discuss identity, asylum and exile, racism, issues surrounding gender and sexuality.

The Kiss – A film by Meetra Bahmani documenting the act of kissing and examining the different social functions and reactions to it.

Birthday Suit – A film by Fereshtah Etamadi looking at nudism and contrasting the attitudes of British people with those of people in Iran.

Umbilical Cord – A film by Roya Kafi Rezaee. A drama about the experiences and fears of a mother living as an asylum seeker with her young child

A Life in The Day and Me Him and You (Diptych) – Two films by Maziar Mahmid focusing on the confusion of Iranian/British identity.

Simply Different – A drama following the experiences of a young man suffering from learning difficulties. Written and directed by Mohammad Cheraghi.

A Mothers Choice – A piece by Faroozan Ghadiri dramatizing the difficult choices faced by women leaving Iran as refugees.

The Normal Heart – A reworking of the script A Normal Heart by Larry Kramer, directed by Houman Birgani and Reza Kianpour.

A Beautiful Day – A film based on real events in the life of filmmaker Akram Najarzadeh.

Funded by: Arts Council England, Northern Rock Foundation, Newcastle City Council

Supported by: New Writing North, Tyneside Cinema, Newcastle Central Library