Kooch Cinema Project 3

Community Media Project

(DVD, 4 short films, 2005)

Community project phase three of a unique experimental community arts project working to develop community drama and film projects. Various local community arts workers are collaborating to produce process-oriented workshops and projects to train those who are interested in drama and media production techniques, culminating in a screening of their own original work.

The Sword – A film about the strangeness and melancholy of everyday life

Asylum Birds – A film about trying to find a home and a place to be accepted

Cheating: East & West – An investigation on the attitudes of women and the experience of cheating husbands

Metallica Iranian Style – An investigation into heavy metal music and the cultural attitudes of Eastern / Western youth

Funded by: Northern Film & Media, Scarman Trust

Supported by: New Writing North, Tyneside Cinema, Newcastle Central Library