LIFELINES community filmmaking tour

We are currently completing our LIFELINES community filmmaking tour where we will be engaging with a number of different community groups in a series of filmmaking workshops encouraging participants to produce filmic narratives exploring their stories of migration, exclusion and finding one’s self, in response to Bridge + Tunnel Productions’ BAFTA-nominated film I Am Nasrine.

The project has been successfully funded by Arts Council England and has been generously supported by a number of community groups and organisations including Bridge + Tunnel Productions, Newcastle University, Durham University, Tyneside Cinema, Stockton Arc, Customs House, Discovery Museum, World Headquarters, Ocean Arts, Space 2 among others.

“The LIFELINES project has allowed BTV to collaborate with different groups and organisations, further attesting to the need for such projects that promote diversity, dialogue and multiple voices.”

Nelly Stavropoulou, BTV Director

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