A series of regional digital storytelling workshops, feeding into the creation of an on-line website housing film narratives inspired by BAFTA- nominated film I Am Nasrine.

LIFELINES will be a filmmaking touring activity culminating in the creation of an interactive learning tool, allowing young people to negotiate issues of belonging and acceptance, while become informed on issues of migration, heritage diversity, multiculturalism and cross-cultural encounters.

Using the film I Am Nasrine, as an inspiration, young people will be encouraged to develop their own film projects addressing issues of migration, identity and belonging. All participant-produced films will then be edited and screened at a local venue, aiming to raise aware-ness and engage members of the public.

Following the completion of the tour, all media artefacts will be available on-line via an interactive website, alongside documentation of the project. This will allow project participants to showcase and celebrate their work, as well as allow a dialogue between them and their communities.

Partner venues include: Durham University, Newcastle University, Tyneside Cinema, Stockton Arc, Culture Lab (Newcastle University), Custom House and WHQ among others.